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Which countries do you ship to?

We currently just ship to the U.K. and Northern Ireland due to the fact our products do not contain preservatives, therefore the shelf life is naturally shorter. 

Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately we do not accept returns, however if you have a problem with your order please get in touch with us. 

What’s in your treats? 

All ingredients are listed under each product on their product page, including care instructions. 

Our food colouring is all natural and safe for dogs. We use red and pink from beetroot, blue from spirulina, yellow from ground turmeric, black from natural activated coconut charcoal - and the rest is a mash up of them all

Please note, if you are ordering a product with yellow colouring or yellow included in its mix such as red or green, the turmeric may leak into the coconut sprinkles over time causing them to turn a yellow colour. This is natural and completely safe! 

Why choose our treats? 

Unlike other iced treat companies we are dairy, gluten and sugar free! Which means our icing contains a unique blend of dairy free ingredients - the best vegan treats going! 
We are a very small busines so we appreciate each and everyone of you for your orders! Each biscuit is hand iced with love and created fresh to order 💕 

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