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All About Us

Welcome to Honey’s Brothers! 

My name is Avril, owner of HB - thank you for visiting our site! Our journey started with the birth of our daughter Honey, which is how the name for our shop came to be. Honey has two fur brothers called Ronald and Padfoot - these are Honey’s Brothers! We enjoy baking for our furbabies so we thought - why not share the love with all the wonderful pooches of the U.K. 

Ronald and Padfoot are our chief taste testers (and they are very happy about this title might I add!), so all products have been trialled before going live to confirm they are super yummy! Ronald is our ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, born in 2016 he is Honey’s oldest brother. He loves food, walkies and most of all belly rubs! Padfoot is our crazy Cyprus rescue, a pointer cross spaniel and foxhound, he was born in 2019 and we rescued him as a puppy. He enjoys sunbathing, long summer evenings and zoomies! And of course I should probably do a shout out to my wonderful husband James too, for putting up with our house turning into a bakery! 

We are an all natural dog treat company with your dogs health and nutrition at heart! We use grain and dairy free products (unless stated), if you do have any dietary requirements just get in touch and we will see if we can help tweak some recipes to suit! All of our products are responsibly sourced and even our packaging is as eco friendly as we can make it! All ingredients are stated under each product so you don’t need to worry about any hidden nasties. This does mean that our products have a natural shelf life of 14 days, so keep all products refrigerated for best results.

We do hope your pooch loves our products!

Avril, James, Honey, Ronald & Padfoot 

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